Friday, July 1, 2011

We have a release date!

For those of you that follow me on Twitter, this will be old news, but with all the craziness of this week, I haven't had a chance to officially post and tell you that I got my release date! Get your pens and your calendars out and put a big star next to

October 9, 2012

455 days away! Not that I'm counting (except that I totally AM! In fact, check the bottom right column on this page, and you'll note a shiny new countdown widget). I wanted to make some kind of pretty PhotoShop graphic with the date, but my PhotoShop skills are damn near nonexistent, so if anyone out there wants to procrastinate on their writing .... well, I'd certainly love that!

Having the release date is pretty exciting. It's making it all a lot more real, and even though that date is SEVENTEEN MONTHS AWAY, I could not be happier. Fall is my favorite season, after all, and putting together an awesome launch party in my favorite month is going to be spectacularly fun.

In other news, you guys should also go check out the Paper Lantern Lit blog. They're giving away some snazzy PLL tote bags filled with books, and since those ladies were at BEA, I'm guessing there's going to be some serious not-yet-released gems in there! I don't know about you, but I'd cut off my left pinkie toe for a copy of Lola and the Boy Next Door. And The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer warrants my right one! Soooo if anyone has either of those and wants to trade for a shiny new pinkie toe... just sayin', the offer's out there.

Speaking of advanced copies ... I'm doing my Sara Zarr giveaway next week, so check back if you want an ARC of How to Save a Life (and trust me, you do).

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