Sunday, July 10, 2011

That's my bag, baby

It's been a CRAZY WEEKEND. Four straight days of derby, and with a night of practice tomorrow, I'm about to make it five. I'm stinkin' exhausted. I'll be trolling flickr for photos of my bout experiences and will definitely share them when they come available, but until then, enjoy this ridiculous(ly informative!) post about the crap I carry with me every day.

I got this awesome new Timbuk2 click messenger back on super duper sale from RueLaLa. Seriously, it was only $25, which is pretty good for a bag that is waterproof and will last you FOREVER. Timbuk2 bags come up for sale on RueLaLa fairly frequently, so if you want one but don't want to shell out a ton of cash, I definitely recommend you sign up (click the link for an invite!).

The bag is the perfect size to hold all my writerly/derby necessities, without being a giant messenger bag that weighs me down. You can't tell from the picture, but it's perfectly purse-sized without being ... well ... a purse (I'm not a big purse person, but I LOVE BAGS!). So let's get down to business. What exactly ARE these writerly/derby necessities?

I bought my awesome leather Kate Spade wallet from a recent sample sale, and while I still paid more for the wallet than the average amount of money that it holds, I love it. It smells all buttery and leathery, and I'll use it for FOREVER. I've wanted one since college, so after my very first advance check came, I splurged.

I carry a book with me everywhere I go. Seriously. Everywhere. Current read? Are You Going to Kiss Me Now? by Sloane Tanen. It's a really hysterical book with a snarky, funny teen voice and lots of great references. Only about 30 pages in, and I definitely recommend it as a fun vacation read. I'm actually surprised I haven't seen this book appear on more blogs!

After reading Rachel Hawkins old posts on her publication process, I got oddly inspired and bought this spiral-bound blank book for brainstorming and scene crafting. I carry it with me all the time, and whenever something comes to me, I'm quick to jot it down. I like the spiral design, so I can make great use of all the pages and also fold the cover back when I'm writing on the train.

The Moleskine is an 18-month planner that I just bought, mostly because it starts now and goes through December of 2012 ... which means I can flip to October 2012 and put my release date in! And the countdown continues...

Pens and pencils ... lots of pens and pencils. For lots of writing. Or in case I jump out of my writer's block and need to do lots of writing.

The old iPod nano belongs to my husband, but since losing my old original iPod shuffle, I've got his nano on loan for doing derby endurance. I find it easier to push through endurance workouts when I've got my special derby playlist.

Chapstick/lip gloss ... never leave home without it. I have a serious addiction.

CLIF SHOT Bloks, aka little gummy electrolyte cubes. They're perfect for bout days, when I need some energy and nutrition without eating something heavy that will aggravate my bout-day jitters! The tootsie pop is another bout-day item ... a sweet treat for finishing a game!

Ibuprofen ... a must for any derby girl. It's a full-contact sport on roller skates, people. There are lots of aches and pains that go with it!

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