Monday, May 2, 2011

Revisions! Yippee!

Just going to dash off a very quick blog post to say:


It's funny, each time I send it off, I never know when it's going to pop back into my email box. It really can come back at any time, and as soon as it does, the clock starts ticking. I have three weeks for this last round (which is an easy peasy deadline considering I wrote the entire thing in 8 weeks...). It's good that I really love revising. I much prefer it to the first draft process, which involves a lot of me cleaning my house, eating junk food, and clicking around on the internet, all to save myself from staring at the DREADED BLINKING CURSOR OF DEATH in Microsoft Word. Seriously, my house has never been cleaner than when I'm facing a deadline...

So three weeks ... I definitely wasn't kidding when I said I'd be doing a lot of writing on airplanes. I hope there's outlets on my JetBlue flight to Vegas!

Also, I love love LOVE all the suggestions from ye olde editors! Can't wait to get this party started...

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