Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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I know, I know. I'm totally late to the Toms party. But I'm here now, so let's dance, ok?

I bought my first pair of Toms last week, this lovely stone-washed yellow pair you see above. I haven't worn any other shoes since. Most of the time when I look at slides, I see scary, red, blistery wounds on the backs of my heels. Not with Toms. These must be kissed by angels or something, because they feel like walking on kittens. Seriously, so comfortable. I think I'm going to get a black pair so that I can wear them to work and pretend they're dress shoes. One of my friends who was already a convert to the tribe referred to them as "grown up flip flops." I can definitely see what she means. These are going to be my go-to shoes all summer long.

Parenthood on NBC
Tuesday nights, 10pm EST

If you're a YA writer and you're not watching Parenthood, you need to move this to the top of your list STAT. While the show covers a myriad of adult characters, the scenes with Amber, Haddie, and a few other teenagers on the show are so pitch-perfect that you cannot miss it. I don't want to spoil anything for you, but last week's episode featured a rather OMG-whoops butt-dial that's every teen's nightmare. Unlike a lot of shows that are specifically about teens, this one really gets not only what it's like to be young, but what it's like to interact with people that aren't. Way too many YA/teen media focuses on the relationships between teens, but a lot of them get the parental/familial thing way wrong. Episodes are available on Hulu and NBC, so get on it, people.

 The Killing on AMC
(creepy narco cop is my favorite character)

Oh, and an update from last week's awesome.com. The Killing now has the first four episodes online for free! I'm pretty sure they're playing the drug dealer angle, getting us all crazy hooked on the mystery and then CUTTING US OFF! Don't worry, AMC, you've already hooked me. At the end of the fourth episode I literally gasped. Out loud. And then I pitched a mini fit that I had to wait a week for another episode. So yeah, I'll be paying for whatever episodes you make me pay for via iTunes!

Things that are NOT awesome.com? Eating skittles while drinking a coke. Ew. 

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Sarah B. said...

I hardly ever wear my Toms because I always feel like they make my feet look weird. Hmm.

And you're SO right about Parenthood. The teen girls and the view of the teens from the parents is SPOT ON. I'm totally hooked.