Sunday, January 15, 2012

The YAmazing Race!

You made it! Welcome to my humble internet home, and your next stop on Leg 5 of the YAmazing Race! I know it's been a long, arduous journey, but with so many MGnificent prizes awaiting, I'm pretty sure it's worth it.

If you're reading this and wondering, "What in the heck is the YAmazing Race and how can I join?" then head on over to the Apocalypsies page to read the full rules and get started on the journey to win ARCs, gift certificates, and other awesome swag. Over 50 prizes are up for grabs!

And now, on to the race...

Take note, YAmazing Racers. #hint #hint

Cyrano de Bergerac meets YA in a Shakespearean comedy of errors in which one mysterious romantic text message sets off a wild goose chase full of mistaken identity, misdirected chemistry, and misguided heartache. Join Julia and her classmates as they tour London and find themselves lost in mystery, romance, heartache, and more than a bit of trouble. If you love contemporary YA, romantic comedies, swoony boys, and not-so-swoony boys, then you will love Meant to Be.

Oh, but don't just trust me ... why don't you ask Sarah Mlynowski?

Shameless, shameless self-promotion ... really, I'm ashamed #sortofbutnot

Meant to Be releases November 13, 2012 from Delacorte, and I can't wait for you all to read it! But first, you need to mentally prepare yourself for the next and final stop on this leg of the YAmazing Race ... because you've got a quiz coming up! Thanks for stopping by, I hope maybe you'll came back and visit me sometime, maybe learn a little bit more about Meant to Be, maybe get psyched up for book 2, which I'm working on right now, or maybe just learn a little bit about my super hero second life as a roller derby queen.

Oh, wait! Before you go, a bonus contest! In honor of the amazing Sarah Mlynowski, who is one of my favorite contemporary authors, if you leave a comment here with your email address or twitter name, then you'll be entered to win a copy of Ten Things We Did (And Probably Shouldn't Have), which I picked as one of my favorite reads of 2011.

Have you commented? Great, now head on over to finish out the YAmazing Race. Thanks for stopping by!

EDIT: There have been so many awesome entries into my giveaway, that I can't bear to only have one winner! SO when I draw for a winner, I'm going to pick 2 people! The first winner gets a copy of Ten Things We Did, and the second winner gets a copy of The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight. Pretty awesome, right? Just doing my part to spread the YA contemporary love!

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