Thursday, January 12, 2012

Unveiling My Shiny New Blog!

If you're reading this through Google Reader or some other RSS aggregator, I recommend clicking over to the site for a quick moment so you can check out my sassy new design! I'm so excited to have a design that is gorgeous and eye catching that also fits my style to a T. Don't you just love it?

First, a little commentary on author websites. I think it's cool to have one, and I've seen a lot of truly spectacular ones out there. But every time I go to an author website, my first (and pretty much only) click is the blog link. That's all I'm really interested in. I might look at the books they've written (if I didn't already know) or their bio page, but those can both exist via a blog, so instead of setting up some kind of snazzy author website, I decided to keep everything really centrally located and just go with a blog.

I found Don, my badass designer, after I saw that he did a gorgeous redesign for a blog I read called Sometimes Sweet. Don runs a blog called Adeline's Daddy that is all about his completely adorable family and his design work. After clicking through a couple other blogs he did, I contacted him and got him on board to do mine for a really reasonable price. With only a couple of emails that included me babbling about colors I like (blues, greens, purples) and colors I don't (pink), plus a couple lines about how much I like vintage library stuff, he came up with this design.

And I'm so in love with it. So click around a little on my navigation buttons over there on the library card, and check out the sweet widgets for all my social networking on the bookmark. Pretty sweet, huh? Seriously, it's perfect! Don, thank you so much for all your hard work. I'm totally going to steal your kid's name for a character in a future book and make her the cool, smart, fun, nice girl.

Ok, back into my hole to finish chapters 3 and 4 today. Book 2 is chugging right along!

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